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Cartoons: Iron Man (1966)

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History of Iron ManThe Marvel Comics' superhero had his own TV cartoon series in 1966.  It was animated in the same way as the Captain America series from that year.  Although the animation was cheap with very little movement and mostly still images, the stories were good and featured all the wild villains from the Iron Man comics that you could hope for.  John Vernon was the voice of Iron Man aka billionaire industrialist Tony Stark.  Vernon did TONS of work in voiceovers and acting.  You might remember him best as the crusty dean from the legendary comedy film "Animal House."  He had a strong voice which was perfect for an Iron Man.  I think if the animation was a bit more realized, this series could have lasted much longer.  The drawings for the still images, however, were all very good.  Although the "Captain America" series was good, I think "Iron Man" had a much more interesting premise because there was more to his background story than Cap's, and he had a variety of major villains to fight while Captain America just had the Red Skull.  The idea of a man in an armor suit fighting villains, many of them wearing armor suits, makes this show worth watching within itself.

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