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G.I. Joe
Cartoons: G.I. Joe

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History of G.I. JoeI was never too much into G.I. Joe.  It has its cool parts, but it's a bit more involved than I'd like to see in a cartoon.  I'm mainly a fan of 1930s-1960s cartoon shorts.  G.I. Joe was never a half-hour cartoon show in and of itself, it was always an ongoing saga.  And the way they kept bringing in and taking out characters...you never knew who was going to be in an episode!  I suppose that's good, too, but I like the idea of fairly regular cast.

    My favorite characters are Lady Jay and Baroness.  They're hot!  I like the ladies!  It seems funny that among all these men, there is only one woman for the good guys and one for the bad guys.

    This show is the most successful example of how a cartoon series fueled an action figure line.  There are more G.I. Joe figures than a person can possibly imagine.  Even if you were to have a number count of all the G.I. Joe figures made, you still have to take in account all of the paint variations and things.  And this action figure series, more than any other, has been ripped off by other companies.  There are a lot of knockoff G.I. Joe figures out there.  The market is flooded.

    G.I. Joe is interesting for a superhero cartoon.  It's the first time that a team of superheroes and their villains were made so militaristic.  Nobody really has superpowers.  They just have wicked cool costumes, tons of weaponry, and interesting personality quirks with codenames.  Throw in a couple of hot babes and you have yourself a superhero cartoon!

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