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Dragon Flyz
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Dragon Flyz

History of Dragon FlyzThree brothers, one sister, and an inhuman friend protect mankind in the 41st century.  Z'Neth, Summit, Peak, sister Apex, and good buddy Dram are the Dragon Flyz.  The earth was ravaged by nuclear war, forcing the humans to flee to the airborne city of Airlandis for safety. To keep Airlandis afloat, the citizens have to maintain a supply of magic energy crystals. Unfortunately, these crystals are the only source of power left on earth, so everyone is after them.

    The animation is awesome.  As good if not better than most 1980s superhero cartoons.   The theme is hokey, but I think young kids would get a charge out of it.  I like the premise of the series.  It's set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where the surviving humans are forced to live on a hovering platform called Airlandis.  An elite team of five people called Dragonators, or "Dragon Flyz," keep Airlandis safe from the lizardlike mutants that now dwell on Earth's surface.  An interesting thing about the Dragon Flyz is that they each have their own dragon.  They can either ride these dragons or fly on their own with interesting jet packs that sprout dragonfly-looking wings.  Truth be told, if a live-action movie, Dragon Flyz could safely be called science-fiction.  But since this is a kid's cartoon series, it can be presented as a superhero show.  None of the heroes have super powers, but they do have cool costumes and awesome gadgetry.

    The villains are too ugly and gross.  Dread Wing is the main baddie.  Nocturna is his bad female henchwoman.  And there is always a host of foul creatures.  Their nastiness was too much of a contrast from our fanciful-looking heroes.  That's a big mistake that a lot of superhero cartoons and comic books make.  If they would have made some of the villains look cool, this show could've made it longer than it did.

    Basically, this cartoon series was made to "pimp" Galoob's line of Dragon Flyz toys.  Galoob had made launching figurine toys for girls called Sky Dancers.  This was a way for them to capture the boy market.  But sadly the sales did not meet expectations as the toys did not capture the imagination of boys.  So the TV series was cancelled after only 26 episodes.  For one thing, the Dragon Flyz toys were too similar to Sky Dancers.  It was obvious to everyone what they were doing.  Another thing, I don't think the Dragon Flyz were anywhere near as heavily promoted as the Sky Dancers.  Truthfully, the Dragon Flyz could have been made into much more interesting action figures.  For boys, figures HAVE to be posable and come with weapons and be able to ride those cool dragons like they see on TV.  The TV show kind of made the illusion that the toy series was more grand than what it was.  Basically, all you could do with Dragon Flyz is just pull the cord and watch them launch and spin into the air.

    As far as the cartoon goes, it has it's plusses and minuses.  The plusses I've mentioned.  What I didn't like is that it didn't really make me care about any of the heroes.  None of them really had distinct enough personalities.  A lot of the dialogue was kind of lazy.  The adventures are cool, stories were well written, but sometimes you don't really care what happens.  Pretty much this was a 30-minute commercial for the toys.  That's not always a bad thing, but you can tell it was rushed in development.  I do think it has awesome ideas.  I only wish they would've taken more time to build on them.  This show could've been bigger than G.I. Joe ever was, had everything been done right.  And it wouldn't have been hard to make the changes I mention.

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"Dragon Flyz" (1996) [syndicated]

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