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Cartoons: Dinky Duck

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History of Dinky Duck
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History of Dinky DuckOne of the finest creations Terrytoons ever produced!  This cute little black duck was a joy to see in cartoons.  Just harmless fun!  Most of the times, the cartoons were about the little guy winning in the face of adversity, usually against much bigger aggressors.

Quick Facts:


The Orphan Duck (1939) *

Much Ado About Nothing (1940) *

The Lucky Duck (1940) *

Welcome Little Stranger (1941)

Life With Fido (1942) *

Dinky Finds a Home (1946)- *DINKY QUACKS!

The Beauty Shop (1950)- *DINKY QUACKS!  A buzzard abducts all the hens and rooster, so Dinky turns into a wild duck and kicks some tail!  Another really, really great Dinky cartoon!

Flat Foot Fledgling (1952)- *DINKY TALKS!

Foolish Duckling (1952)- *

Sink or Swim (1952)- *

Wise Quacks (1953)- *DINKY QUACKS, THEN TALKS, THEN QUACKS AGAIN!  Dinky wants to be a singer, but ducks can only quack.  A magical fairy grants him his wish to talk.  Dinky becomes a sensational singer, but gets kidnapped by a fox and forced to sing in a cage.  The fairy grants Dinky's wish to quack again and he returns to his life in the barnyard.  We see Dinky's mother in this one, and she's cute!

Featherweight Champ (1953)- *DINKY TALKS!

The Orphan Egg (1953)- *DINKY TALKS!  One of my top favorite Dinky cartoons!  Dinky finds an egg and takes care of the hatchling, despite the other barn animals bad remarks.  It grows up to be a bald eagle and defends the barnyard from a hungry fox!

The Timid Scarecrow (1953)- *DINKY TALKS!  I like it, but the scarecrow is a little creepy.  Dinky helps his scarecrow friend keep his job by fighting off the pesky little crows.

It's a Living (1957)- *DINKY TALKS!  I don't like this one.  The animation is creepy and the fact that Dinky is in it is the cartoon's only saving grace.

Episode Review:

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