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Cartoons: Darkwing Duck

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History of Darkwing DuckAgain, this is one of a handful of TV-made cartoons that I really followed.  It lasted quite a while, too, from 1991-1995.  I love the characters.  Is there anything funnier than the idea of a superhero duck?  And his catch-phrase "Let's get dangerous!" is quite snappy.  Darkwing Duck was an original character.  His sidekick, inept pilot Launchpad McQuack, was borrowed from the previous TV cartoon "Ducktales".  So was frequent guest-star superhero, Gizmoduck.  Largely, though, "Darkwing Duck" had its own distinct set of characters.  Goslyn was Darkwing Duck's adopted daughter, a tomboy who also aided him in his crime-fighting duties.  Then you had a whole score of funny acquantainces and wacky villains.  This was a great cartoon series while still being cute and funny and not "too" over-the-top.  "Darkwing Duck" had a balance that most cartoon shows do not have nowadays.

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Episode Review:

Voice Cast:

Christina Cavanaugh as Gosalyn...

    Even when this character doesn't say much, she's funny.  Fortunately, Gosalyn talks most of the time.  She has such a funny- sounding voice and it perfectly matches the antics of the character.  Ms. Cavanaugh was also the voice of Babe the pig in the "Babe" movie, Dexter in "Dexter's Laboratory", and Chuckie in "Rugrats".