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Cartoons: Captain America (1966)

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History of Captain America"Captain America", based on the Marvel Comics superhero, was it's own TV cartoon series in 1966.  The stories are quite good, but it seems to be hindered by cheap animation.  The animation is mostly still images with very limited movement.  What's great about this show is that you get to see WWII era Captain America with sidekick Bucky fighting The Red Skull who at this time only wore a mask (his red skull wasn't for real, yet).  Despite the crude animation technique, the colors are pretty brilliant.  This show is worth watching if you like Captain America.  It also has a neat theme song.  A little corny, but cool for young kids.  It's very true to the comic version of Captain America, but toned down some for younger audiences.  Cap fights the Nazis, but for some reason when they show "the leader" he isn't drawn like Hitler.  Perhaps ol' Adolf was too scary for children.  They also don't talk much about killing or the real horrors of war like the comics do, usually only showing people getting knocked out with gas or by fighting.  It's a fun, safe show for everyone!

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