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History of BravestarrAgain, I must state that I'm not typically into TV cartoons, especially those as recent as the 1980s to today, but I feel this is another one worth mentioning.  It's another Filmation series, and the main character is basically a revamping of their earlier Blackstar character.  This is a western set in outer space.  Space cowboys!  The lawman of the show is Marshall Bravestarr, who happens to be of Native-American lineage.  This is another really great Native-American fictional character that I think Native-Americans could and should be proud of.  I don't make a big deal about things like that, but he is a very positive character.

    Like "Blackstar" and "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" the character concepts are much the same.  Bravestarr is a super-stud with incredible strength and fighting ability...always cool.  He has a sexy woman sidekick named Judge J.B. (a cowgirl with red hair, yet).  A kind of sexy, but unearthly bad girl named Vipra (she's drawn sexy, but her face is like a snake).  The main bad guy Tex Hex is kind of demonic, although made to look something like a bad cowboy bandit.  Plus, Tex has a legion of goony, goofy henchmen who Bravestarr and his buddies can defeat easily.  All this and yes, Bravestarr has a heroic talking pet...a horse by the name of Thirty-Thirty.  He's a wise-cracking, gruff horse who can walk on all fours or on his hind legs.  He can also fire a weapon.  Huh?  You have to see it to really understand it.  And see it you should, because the stories are pretty positive and it is all fun, harmless fantasy!

    This show aired from 1987-1989.  "He-Man" was a successful show, so the production company thought they'd give this a shot.  Although "Bravestarr" is considered pretty good and sometimes even better than "He-Man" by a lot of 1980s cartoon buffs, the show only lasted a few years and the toy series never became fully realized due to poor marketing strategy.  At any rate, this is a fun superhero show you should enjoy!

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