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The Coyote
From TVs "Hardcastle & McCormick" (1983-1986)

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About This Car

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The Coyote"Hardcastle & McCormick" was a cool show; a light-hearted mystery/adventure series.  The Coyote is certainly a TV supercar, although it doesn't boast weaponry or any other gadgets.  There were actually two different Coyote cars used in the "Hardcastle & McCormick" TV series that ran from 1983-1986.

Season 1 (1983-1984):  The first Coyote was built from Manta Montage; it's a kit car.  The base chassis is from Volkswagen.  The engine is a VW-Porsche 914.  Although the engine is small, it makes this lightweight car go very fast.  After Season 1, the Coyote car was changed.  Why?  Actor Brian Keith, who played the judge Milton Hardcastle, found it incredibly hard to get in and out of this car.  So a second car was made in which Keith could maneuver much easier.  It's also been said that Daniel Hugh Kelly (McCormick) didn't find the car too handy.

Seasons 2 & 3:  The second Coyote was based on a DeLorean car, the DMC-12.  It kind of looks the same as the first, but it's just too square.  This Coyote isn't as sleek as the first.  Both Coyotes are good, but I like the looks of the first Coyote better.



Coyote #1

Coyote #2