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Blair's Girls: Yves Adele Harlow
Played by Zuleikha Robinson
"The Lone Gunmen" (2001 TV Series)

Zuleikha Robinson

    How come the best TV shows always get cancelled within the first season?  I was a bigtime "X-Files" fan during the show's first five seasons, but at the time "The Lone Gunmen" aired, "X-Files" was but a shadow of its former self...a diluted version of the show's earlier greatness.  "The Lone Gunmen" TV series was much better than "X-Files", the show from which it was spun-off.  Of course, anyone who has ever been an "X-Files" fan will tell you that the Lone Gunmen are FBI agent Fox Mulder's three goofy informants.  They publish an underground government conspiracy newspaper.  When this series came into being, the three Lone Gunmen were joined by a new, fourth member James "Jimmy" Bond (who was also played by an excellent actor), and quite often by the dark, sexy, and mysterious Yves Adele Harlow.

    Zuleikha Robinson is the actress who played Yves Adele Harlow to perfection.  She is what really made the show work.  Yves is very serious and level-headed.  The Lone Gunmen are knowledgeable, but extreme clods who almost always bungle their investigative schemes.  More often than not, it is Yves who reluctantly bails the boys out of trouble.  The writers for this series were very clever.  Yves really wants nothing to do with the Lone Gunmen, but somehow she keeps getting persuaded back into helping them.  Everything about her is so darn mysterious!  Yves Adele Harlow is a play on the name "Lee Harvey Oswald" (ironic how it mixes in with the Lone Gunmen theme, isn't it?) who, when undercover on her own schemes, occasionally changes the letters of this name around to create other names for herself.  It's quite obvious to the Gunmen that Yves Adele Harlow is not her real name.  Everything else about her is unclear.  Yves is a talented computer hacker, spy, mistress of disguise, and on the run from something and someone.  Everything about Yves is a big secret and she likes to keep it that way.  Usually, the Gunmen get her to help them by threatening to bring public attention to her and ruin her obscurity. 

    Still, Yves has morals.  She is not a killer and doesn't steal from people who do not have it coming to them.  She can be reasoned with, so she isn't a heartless femme fatale.  Apparently, Yves is scared of her past, but puts up a strong front.  She has dark, exotic, good looks and an inviting English accent.  What I like about her voice is that it perenially purrs...like a cat.  She is highly intelligent, very athletic, and much more "street smart" than the Gunmen.  As a fictional character, Yves balances out the goofiness of the other four leads in the series and gives it realism.  The Gunmen get into trouble, and the viewers can think it's all fun and games, but it's Yves that makes us realize people could actually get killed doing things like this!

    Why did "The Lone Gunmen" TV show get cancelled?  It's sometimes uncertain just exactly why TV shows get cancelled.  It got decent ratings.  The writing and acting were superb.  The fact of the matter is that "The X-Files" TV series was still on the air and had lost its earlier popularity.  More fans were being put off by "The X-Files" all the time due to all the cast changes and 'go-nowhere, drag-it-out for several seasons' storylines.  Thus, interest in anything "X-Files" was not as great.  "The Lone Gunmen" was definitely its own show.  It was not a science-fiction series like "The X-Files", but more of a comedy/adventure/drama.  There were no creepy aliens or monsters.  In fact, the whole tone of "The Lone Gunmen" was much lighter and more positive.  Still, because it was a spin-off series, it was always compared to "The X-Files".  Being such a drastically different show from its father series, there were some people that absolutely loved it and some that absolutely hated it.  It depended on how big of "X-Files" fan you were at the time.  I still love the series and frequently watch all the episodes on VHS.

    It might interest you to know that Zuleikha has a diverse heritage and is part English, Scottish, Burmese, Indian, and Iranian.  That's where she gets her exotic, great, good looks!  Her acting is incredible!  Zuleikha has all the sophistication of a classic screen legend movie actress!  In my opinion, she is as talented as such famous leading ladies as Myrna Loy and Rita Hayworth!  I always look forward to seeing her TV and film appearances!  She's definitely a step above most actresses of our time.