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Blair's Girls: Teela
Played by Chelsea Field
"Masters of the Universe" (1987 Film)

Chelsea Field
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    "Masters of the Universe" is a live-action adaptation of the famous TV cartoon series and toyline which brought the hero called He-Man to international fame.  It isn't really a faithful adaptation because there are so many differences in the characters, but the movie IS entertaining.  I like it quite a bit.  In fact, I like Chelsea Field as an actress in all her films, and she did a wonderful job of bringing Teela to life.  She's one of He-Man's buddies and every once in awhile (like in the cartoon) there are subtle hints dropped as a potential love interest.  There is so much constant action, though, that there isn't time for romance.  Besides having a nice costume, Teela is quite a capable action heroine.  Teela is mild and it takes a lot to get her temper flared, but when she does WATCH OUT!  And at times, she's kind of funny.  For instance, take the scene where she's eating chicken and finds out from her father that this strange food on a stick comes from an animal.  We learn here that she is a vegetarian.

Chelsea Field
Chelsea Field as "Teela"

Close-ups of Teela's costume