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Blair's Girls: Tamar
Played by Susy Andersen
"Thor and the Amazon Women" Film (1963)

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    Beautiful blonde actress Susy Andersen was the surprise attraction to this sword-and-sandal, muscleman film.  She played the enticing Tamar, deposed princess of Babylos who is abducted by Amazon women and forced into the gladiatrix arena.  Tamar is a strong woman with a great understanding of right and wrong.  She is hardly the helpless female of the story.  In fact, she has the greatest heroic characteristics of anyone in the film.

    When the movie first opens, you see Susy Andersen top billed over Joe Robinson, who plays Thor.  It doesn't take long to see why.  Tamar IS the primary character in this film.  She survives the gladiator arena, kills the evil Black Queen, and ultimately regains control of her throne.

    For a while, near the end, we almost think Tamar is dead.  At the very end of the film, though, we see Tamar is still alive.  I like it that she lives, and only wish that this character had continued in other films.  Tamar is very feminine, very strong, and very capable.  These are great traits for any film heroine to have.