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Blair's Girls: Sabrina Carver
Played by Alexandra Paul
"Detonator" aka "Death Train" (1992 TV Movie)

    This was a really well-done action movie for being made on cable in 1992.  Pierce Brosnan and Patrick Stewart were the headliners.  Alexandra Paul was third billing.  In my opinion, she should be shown and mentioned on the front of the box.  There would be no movie without her.  Pierce Brosnan's character in this film is kind of a jackass and he doesn't do anything really special.  He fights and shoots guns, but just like any other guy in the field would; nothing spectacular like he would later do in his James Bond films.  Alexandra Paul IS the action star of this film.  She's smarter than smart and knows exactly what to do at every moment.  And she has extraordinary marksmanship.  Her character of Sabrina Carver is accomodating to a point, but when she knows a better way to do things she tries her hardest to get it through.  She's the woman you want on your side when a terrorist threat presents itself.

    I've always enjoyed Alexandra Paul as an actress, and this role really gave her a chance to shine.  Ms. Paul is not just eye candy.  She's blessed with a real acting talent as well.  She was great as the "nice girl" in horror flick "Christine" and is the ONLY woman ever on TVs "Baywatch" that actually looked like she could be a real-life lifeguard.  On "Baywatch" she wasn't as done up or made as sexy as the other girls, but she sure was a lot more convincing.  She actually is quite stunning and I think "Baywatch" could've played on her looks a bit more, but she's a great enough actress where you don't really care.  Then you see her in movies like "Kuffs" where she plays the Chief's wife and YOWZA!  Pretty foxy!

    But her appearance in "Detonator" is something YOU MUST SEE!  Buy it wherever videos are sold!