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Blair's Girls: Rachel Varney
Played by Joan Severance
"Bird on a Wire" (1990 Film)

Joan Severance

    Every time I watch "Bird on a Wire" I wait for this character!  And an interesting character she is!  She's like a woodsy version of Wonder Woman.  Rachel is a veterinarian who just happens to know a thing or two about gunplay.  She's the woman from Rick Jarmin's (Mel Gibson) past, and can do things that most women WISH they could do.  And there's a little bit of rivalry between her and Rick's other woman, as played by Goldie Hawn.  She's funny, and a survivalist.  Rachel is more than capable of taking care of herself. 

    I like Joan Severance as an actress in all her movies and TV shows.  I recommend seeing her in films "See no Evil, Hear no Evil" (in which she's a bad girl) and the "Black Scorpion" films just to name a few of her projects.  She was also a regular on the "Wiseguy" TV series.  Not to mention she's done tons of magazine ads and TV commercials.  Anyone who likes great-looking actresses who can really act should check out the work of Joan Severance.