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Blair's Girls: Pam Bouvier
Played by Carey Lowell
"License to Kill" (1989 Film)

Carey Lowell
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    Carey Lowell has to be the best-ever Bond girl based on content of character...and her great, good looks help make the cut, too!  "Licence to Kill" (called "License to Kill" in the U.S.A.) was the second James Bond film to star Timothy Dalton as the suave secret agent.  This is an incredible action movie and an important landmark in the history of the Bond character.  But enough of that.  This is Carey's corner. 

    The Pam Bouvier character can fight and all the time she still maintains her femininity.  Most Bond girls are bimbos (if they're on Bond's side) or absolute "b-words" (if they work for the enemy), but Pam Bouvier is neither.  She's a heroine, no doubt about it, and has a charming personality.  She comes off a little smug when she first meets Bond, but warms up to him and becomes a likeable woman.  Pam Bouvier has a lot of expression and acts just like a real woman might in such a situation.  On a side note, she looks just as great with long hair as she does with short hair later on in the film.  It's highly unusual when women with short hair look good in films, but Carey Lowell is pretty enough to get away with it.
  Pam Bouvier was such a good character played by such a remarkable actress that it's a shame she never appeared in another Bond movie, but such is the nature of a Bond film:  a different Bond girl in every entry.

Carey LowellCarey LowellCarey LowellCarey Lowell
Carey Lowell as Bond girl "Pam Bouvier"