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Blair's Girls: Nightwoman #1
Played by Jennifer Campbell (credited as Jen Campbell)
"Nightman" (1997-1999 TV Series)

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    Nightman, also spelled Night Man, was a syndicated, live-action superhero television series.  The character of Nightwoman only appeared twice throughout the series, each by a different actress.  Both actresses did a commendable job and are as pretty as can be.  Jen Campbell appeared as Nightwoman in the episode "Nightwoman" from February 9, 1998 during the show's first season.  As the story goes, Lorrie Jarvis was once a police officer.  Going undercover as a mobster's girlfriend, her identity is discovered and she is crippled by that same mobster.  Paralyzed from the neck down, she is confined to a wheelchair.  Lorrie's father, who designs advanced weaponry for the U.S. Government, invents a bodysuit for her that will allow her to walk again.  In addition, she can also project electrical stun blasts.  After a two year hiatus, she returns to take out the mobster that crippled her.

    Although the title of this episode calls her Nightwoman, she is never referred to once as Nightwoman and doesn't assume any other identity.  There is no real relationship between Nightman and Nightwoman.  They don't have any of the same powers and she wasn't inspired by Nightman in any way to fight crime.  She could have been called anything, but "Nightwoman" sounded cool so they did it.  The name fits because she has this really pretty bodysuit with glowing stars all over it.  She would be able to blend in easily with the night sky.

    Nightwoman's motivation is vengeance, and she is quite edgy.  Nobody gets in her way.  Lorrie Jarvis is angry.  She does whatever it takes to get the job done and almost always has the advantage over her adversaries.  Martial arts skills also comes in handy.  It's believable to see actress Jen Campbell beating up on bad guys.  She's 5-foot-10 (a very good height) with an athletic build.  Ms. Campbell won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International in 1989 and was also on TV's "Baywatch Hawaii" for a few years.

    Nightwoman #1 is very different from Nightwoman #2, but each has their own charms and brings something special to the role.

Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell as Nightwoman
Jennifer Campbell as Nightwoman with Matt McColm as Nightman!