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Blair's Girls: Miss Yvonne
Played by Lynne Marie Stewart
"Pee-Wee's Playhouse" (1986-1991 TV Series)

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    THIS is a great character!  Definitely unique within herself and an unusual heroine...but she IS a heroine.  Granted, she can't lift cars like Wonder Woman or outshoot anyone like Annie Oakley, but it's Miss Yvonne who keeps Pee-Wee Herman on his toes in the fun, but bizarre TV series "Pee-Wee's Playhouse".  The series was distinctive within itself, because it wasn't a true blue, through-and-through childrens' show.  It was originally considered for primetime, but CBS wanted something fresh and distinctive for its Saturday morning programming.  Well, "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" wasn't directly sophisticated adult humor, either, so it was destined for Saturday mornings in the 1986 season.  A healthy chunk of the "Playhouse" audience was 18 and over.  I don't believe an exact percentage was ever found.  At any rate, kids AND adults loved it.  There was a TON of sexual innuendo, aimed almost exclusively at Miss Yvonne...and there were enough silly puppet characters and other situations to appeal to young children.  This was also about the only show, especially in the late-1980s on network television, to use words like "butt" and "snot" semi-frequently!

    But this page is REALLY about Miss Yvonne.  She's one of those characters that's sexy, but a goofy sexy, and still desirable.  She'd make a fun girlfriend.  Yvonne is bustier than Wonder Woman, which is a rare quality, and she wears the funkiest pseudo-1950s outfits and hairstyles.  Sometimes you wonder:  "Is she for real?".  But she's so funny!  Miss Yvonne does the most unexpected things.  The "most beautiful woman in Puppetland" is always so dainty and proper.  Then she breaks out into a silly dance routine or other slapstick and it hits you at 200 miles-per-hour!  But through it all, Miss Yvonne is the one who keeps Pee-Wee Herman on the straight-and-narrow.  He's like a thirty-something little brat, while Miss Yvonne acts sort of like a mother.  But Pee-Wee sees her as a love interest.  He typically makes lewd comments that might go over the heads of most little kids watching, but they never went over mine.  I was always kind of smart kid in that respect.  Not bragging, but I ALWAYS caught onto those sexual innuendo things.  That's what happens when you're raised on James Bond, I guess.  One of the most directly sexual things that happened with Miss Yvonne, and I'm STILL surprised they showed this on TV, was when Pee-Wee was dreaming he was Super Pee-Wee.  A barbell fell on Miss Yvonne's chest, pinning her to the floor.  The bar had two BIG dents in it in the shape of you-know-what.  Super Pee Wee lifted it off, then used his Super Pee Wee X-ray vision to look through her clothes and see if she was alright.  Yeah...right.

    Miss Yvonne is noted by this writer as being one of the few TV heroines that is as equally funny as she is sexy!  Kudos to Lynne Stewart for making Saturday mornings more of a party-time for the young and the young at heart!