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Blair's Girls: Michelle Chan
Played by Kelly Hu
"Nash Bridges" TV series (1996-2001) [Kelly was on from 1997-1998]

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    Absolutely the best woman character to ever appear on the "Nash Bridges" TV series.  Inspector Michelle Chan was a bit more level-headed than most of the cops she worked with.  Kind of catty, but also funny.  She was such a good character...then she got killed off rather unexpectedly!  I actually got a little misty-eyed when they did this.  They showed her on the ground, but I really didn't think they were going to kill her off like that.  What a waste!

    Of course she's attractive, but her character was really special in the way that she just seemed naturally adept at doing amazing things in crimefighting.  You didn't think of her as a woman who was trying to prove herself.  She was already there...and all of the cops she worked with knew it from the start.  Michelle Chan was a natural-born butt-kicker.  Then when they "bumped her off" and didn't even give her the dignity of going out in a blaze of glory I was really upset.

    Kelly Hu is a great actress, anyway, and I like her in all her film/TV projects.  Other really outstanding shows to see her in include the TV show "Martial Law" [playing basically the same character as Michelle Chan in "Nash Bridges"], and the hit movies "The Scorpion King" and "X2".  And the reason she looks so good is because she is an American with Chinese, Hawaiian, and English ancestry.  Wow!