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Blair's Girls: Ma Kettle
Played by Marjorie Main
"Ma & Pa Kettle" (1947-1957 Film Series)

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    You might be asking yourself, "What is Ma Kettle doing here?  I thought this was a babe feature!".  Wrong!  Good looks is not an absolute requirement to be included in this department of Polar Blair's Den.  I go by quality of character, plain and simple, and Ma Kettle is as much of a heroine as anyone else I talk about in "Blair's Girls".

    Ma Kettle is not a looker and she isn't too feminine, but she's still a lady.  Make sense?  Between her and Pa, SHE is the worker and SHE is the one that holds things together.  And most of the time, Ma Kettle is the problem-solver of the family.  She treats other people decent unless they upset her past the point of forgiveness.  It's rare for a comedy movie series to produce someone I think of as a heroine, but Ma Kettle is definitely a winner.