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Blair's Girls: Karela, Queen of Thieves
Played by Aly Dunne
"Conan" (1997-1998 TV Series)

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    The short-lived, but wonderfully entertaining TV series "Conan" spawned a great actress in Aly Dunne and intriguing character in Karela, Queen of Thieves.  This show began in 1997 a few years after "Xena: Warrior Princess" and you can tell the character was inspired, but Karella is a much better character than Xena ever was!  She liked men, specifically Conan, and you could tell.  Her steamy sexuality is beyond compare.  Plus, she could fight and swindle with the best of them.  Conan disapproved of her stealing so she tried to tone it down some when she was around the barbarian and his buddies.  Still, a true bandit queen has thieving tendencies.  Aly Dunne, the actress who played Karella, is also a wonderful model and singer.  Her character of Karella is great mainly because of her unrequited love for Conan.  Her fondness for the barbarian often rivals her thieving nature and she finds herself doing things she wouldn't ordinarily do...which annoys her.  Currently, Aly Dunne has a workshop for young women interested into getting into the modeling/acting profession which turns out fabulous results.