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Blair's Girls: Hill's Angels
Played by Various Actresses
"The Benny Hill Show" TV series (1969-1989)

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    "Hill's Angels" was the pet name for the many sexy distractions that graced the small screen every week on Benny Hill's show.  Many of these women could act and were funny, but most were not meant to be actresses...only glamour girls.  They were extremely scant and sexy, but tastefully presented.  It was like watching a Las Vegas showgirls show every week!  The way they were used in gags was fairly respectful.  For the most part they came off larger-than-life...like superheroines in their incredible costumes.  In the gags, the women always seemed to have some sort of power over men...and it was always funny!  It would be impossible to list ALL of the women that were Hill's Angels because there were so many.  However, if you have ever been or know of someone that was a Hill's Angel, I'd like to hear from you.  I'm interested in posting anyone's history or fond remembrances of the Benny Hill Show on this website!

    There is an excellent website dedicated specifically to "The Hill's Angels".  It is a comprehensive website with much information and pictures about the many girls who were Hill's Angels.  The photos below come from his website with permission.  Check out Benny's Place Featuring Louise English and Hill's Angels!  Tell the webmaster that Blair sent ya!

Penny Kendall publicity photoLady Godiva routineThe Cruise routine

Chez Ben Grand Gala routine