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Blair's Girls: Felicity Shagwell
Played by Heather Graham
"Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me" (1999 Film)

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    She is easily the best of the Austin Powers girls.  Funny, sexy, and eternally optimistic.  Her big, bright eyes always seem to be full of life.  The fact that she is an American CIA agent adds an element of mystery to her, but basically what you see is what you get with Felicity Shagwell.  This character really brings the whole movie together.  You expect Mike Myers' characters to be funny, and of course the villains (Frau, Scott Evil, Number Two, Mini-Me), but generally the comedy does not come with the sexy sidekicks as played by Elizabeth Hurley or Beyonce Knowles.  Heather Graham is a much different case.  She's actually capable of being out-and-out funny and does an outstanding job!  Besides Felicity Shagwell's personality, you also have to admit that she has the coolest car (a red, white, and blue Corvette) and wardrobe!  Her appeal is much more than sexual.  This is what sets her apart from other heroines of the spy film genre.

Felicity Shagwell
Heather Graham as "Felicity Shagwell"