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Blair's Girls: Dee Dee McCall
Played by Stepfanie Kramer
"Hunter" TV series (1984-1991) (Stepfanie left the show in 1990)

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    The "Hunter" TV show could have easily been called "Hunter and Dee Dee".  Stefanie Kramer's portrayal of Sergeant Dee Dee McCall is so pivotal to the success of the series and everyone knows it.  It is odd nowadays, and was especially back in 1984, for a female cop to be partnered with a male cop in any television program or film.  It works because she is every bit a cop, but very feminine.  Dee Dee was a lot fancier than her counterpart Rick Hunter, who was just a regular guy.  She had a much nicer wardrobe than Rick, a cool car, and a knack for disguises and imitations.  And just when you think she can't roughhouse like the "big boys", Dee Dee fires a shotgun at an airplane from a moving car!  It never ceased to amaze me what Dee Dee could do.  She was also the voice of reason, and balanced nicely with Rick's tough-guy persona.  You can definitely feel a loss when an episode of Hunter shows little of Dee Dee.  It was real bad when Stefani Kramer left the series, and Hunter was partnered with two different blonde female partners directly afterward.  These actresses did not have the charm of Dee Dee and the series was cancelled shortly after.  In 1994, there was a "Hunter" TV movie, without Dee Dee, which was good, but not the same.  I like Fred Dryer a lot (he's a wonderful actor with many great shows in his impressive resume), but he needs Stepfanie Kramer to make "Hunter" work.  The more recent TV movies and series were fantastic, and why the show was cancelled so soon is a real pity, especially since the fans loved it!