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Blair's Girls: Daisy Duke
Played by Catherine Bach
"The Dukes of Hazzard" (1979-1985 TV Series)

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    Of course, this down-home country-girl is incredibly sexy, but surprisingly that's not what attracts me to this character.  Okay, maybe it plays some part.  Seriously, though, it was the character's personality and mannerisms that make her a great heroine.  The fact that she looks good in a pair of short-shorts doesn't hurt, either.  Daisy has very deep family values as she's always trying to help out her trouble-making cousins and old uncle.  Catherine Bach is really a very good actress, whose Daisy can go from being naive and innocent one moment, to really sexy and manipulative the next...especially when she puts it over on Deputy Enos Strate or the other menfolk who happen into Hazzard County.  We also see physical strength in Daisy as she can do just about anything a man does.  On a side note, she also has a really cool car (Satellite) and the Daisy Duke Jeep!

Catherine Bach
Catherine Bach as "Daisy Duke"