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Blair's Girls: Carolina
Played by Salma Hayek
"Desperado" (1995 Film)

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    First of all, let me say that "Desperado" was a really good, wild action movie.  It's follow-up, called "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" released in 2003 really, REALLY sucked!  I try to avoid giving my opinion as much as possible in Polar Blair's Den.  My main goal is to introduce you to or celebrate certain things that I'd like to share.  However, "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" is truly garbage.  Not only does it not make any sense at all, Salma Hayek's character is dead and you only see her through flashbacks.  She also doesn't have very many (if any) speaking parts.  The movie itself was boring and usually uneventful.  "Desperado", on the other hand, is the complete opposite and its heroine Carolina deserves mention.

    Not only is Carolina incredibly sexy, she's a good, physical action heroine as well.  She's a bit more of an intellectual than any of the other characters in the film.  You can tell the content of her character by the fact that she has a bookstore in Mexico.  Obviously, the impoverished, illiterate citizens of this town aren't ideal patrons, but she's trying to bring something nice into the area.  When stitching up El Mariachi's knife wounds (he's the hero, played by Antonio Banderas), she uses her knowledge from books to do it right.  She's smart, sexy, dark and exotic.  All in all, a great film heroine!  If you like the movie "Desperado", do not see "Once Upon a Time in Mexico".  It'll just ruin the illusion.  We learn that Carolina had a daughter with El Mariachi and that they were both killed.  If that wasn't bad enough, the movie just sucks, anyway.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek as Carolina