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Blair's Girls: Becky Driscoll
Played by Dana Wynter
"Invasion of the Body-Snatchers" (1956 Film)

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    Becky Driscoll stuck by her boyfriend Dr. Miles J. Bennell as long as she could before being transformed into one of the alien zombie beings.  Before that, though, she did whatever she could to help Miles confront this problem that swept over his town and never tried to contradict him or act difficult in his time of need.  That's what I like:  a woman character that's not a pain in the butt.  Actress Dana Wynter is definitely pretty and articulate.  She has the dark-eyed, exotic European allure thanks to her English accent.  She was born in Berlin, Germany and raised in England.  Her real first name is Dagmar.   Getting back to the character, Becky Driscoll is charming and refined.  It was a pity to see her transform into one of the alien pod people near the end of the film.  She fell asleep and when she came to the change had taken place (as it did in all its victims).  Then she turned into a traitor and tried to get Miles captured.  Oh well!  She still qualifies as a great movie heroine!

Dana Wynter
Dana Wynter