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Blair's Girls: Batgirl
Played by Yvonne Craig
"Batgirl" Unaired TV Pilot Pitch (1967)
"Batman" TV Series (1967-1968)

Yvonne Craig
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About This Heroine
Batgirl Gallery

About This Heroine:  "Batman" is not my top favorite TV show, but I do like it for its parts.  The greatest part would have to be the character of Batgirl and the actress who plays her, Yvonne Craig.  She's the biggest reason I watched episodes of the show as a kid.  If it didn't have Batgirl (or Julie Newmar as Catwoman), I didn't watch it.

    Batgirl was a feisty, plucky redhead.  Her costume is sensational, as is her motorcycle.  She's a very glamorous, feminine action starlet.  Yvonne Craig as Batgirl could've easily starred in her own show, just as long as it wasn't ridiculous like the "Batman" series.  Her character, in a more realistic show, could've really worked.  One thing I did like, although I'm not really into camp, is how she always danced around like a ballerina while fighting the bad guys.  That was cute.  Ms. Craig could do this because she actually had ballerina training.  Most people do not realize that the Batgirl character was originally planned to have her own series right from the start, but ultimately became a regular during the second season of the "Batman" show.