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Beauties of the Beverly Hillbillies:
Venita Wolf

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Venita Wolf
Played "Miss Murray" and later "Suzy"
"Flatt & Scruggs Return" March 16, 1966
"The Folk Singers" March 23, 1966
"The Bird-Watchers" April 13, 1966
"Granny Tonics a Bird-Watcher" April 27, 1966
"Topless Anyone?" January 17, 1968 [playing "Suzy"]
"Jed Clampett Enterprises" February 5, 1969 [playing "Suzy"]

    Venita Wolf was a very pretty blonde whose first character, Miss Murray, was a replacement character for Sharon Tate's "Janet Trego".  Miss Murray was the second-in-command-secretary under Jane Hathaway.  We don't see her for very long in any of her appearances, but when we do see her she leaves an impression.  First of all, her and Miss Hathaway are friendlier with each other than Trego and Hathaway were.  The earlier Trego character was basically someone for Hathaway to take out her frustrations.  She didn't do that with Murray, so they liked each other a bit more.