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Beauties of the Beverly Hillbillies:
Nina Shipman

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Nina Shipman
played "Linda"
"The Clampetts Play the Rams" October 27, 1965

    She was only in one episode of the series, but her character is so engaging that she could've been written into several appearances.  She plays the Drysdales' maid who cozies up to Jethro only so she can come over to the Clampett mansion and watch football on their big screen color TV.  This is an interesting character.  She's a con, like many of the women characters in the show, but she's not after Jed's fortune.  She doesn't want anything from them except to watch their TV.  Linda the maid can't stand Jethro and has all she can do to put up with him, while Jethro keeps trying to impress her.  The character is funny for this reason:  she's pretty but not sexy.  Huh?  She speaks so gruff and acts so much like a tomboy that she isn't sensual.  For instance, she's a big sports fan.  I like the fact that she wasn't just another pretty face after Jed's money.  She could've been a recurring character and in each appearance trying to con something out of Jethro:  the truck, one of his gadgets, posing as his girlfriend for some social function, etc.