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Beauties of the Beverly Hillbillies:
Martha Hyer

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Martha Hyer
Played "Tracy Richards"
"The Richest Woman" January 5, 1966

    She gave an incredible performance in her one and only appearance in the series.  Hyer is a bit older than most Beverly Hillbillies Beauties; 41 at the time this episode was filmed.  She only looks to be early thirties.  "THE Tracy Richards," as the Clampetts are led to believe she is named, is the world's richest woman, spoiled, and highly egotistical.  She's used to buying anything she wants on sight for any price, and she sets her sights on the Clampett mansion.  The Clampetts do not want to sell their house, and she schemes for the entire episode on how to make Jed sell it.  Tracy is a total b-word in the truest sense of the word as she tries to play Jed's family against him and later seduce Jed into selling his house.  Nothing works, and she gets completely and totally frustrated.  It's incredibly funny.  Tracy's only redeeming quality is that she looks HOTTER than Hades.  In the final scenes of the show, you'll see her wearing a very tight and pretty red dress.  How come women don't wear dresses like that anymore?  Martha Hyer gives a memorable comedic performance as the ultimate snobbish beauty.