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Beauties of the Beverly Hillbillies:
Marianne Gaba

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Marianne Gaba
played "Squirrel"
"Big Daddy Jed" April 21, 1965
"Cool School is Out" April 28, 1965

    Marianne played brunette beatnik Squirrel in two memorable episodes of the series.  She's one of the few attractive women in the series that really finds Jethro interesting.  "I think he's cute," you'll hear her say time and again.  I like her character because she actually likes Jethro, and is probably the most level-headed of the crazy beatniks.  She wasn't into Jethro for his money...she was just dingy!  Marianne Gaba has a warm, friendly charm about her in these episodes.  I like her a lot.