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Beauties of the Beverly Hillbillies:
Jean Bell

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Jean Bell (aka Jeannie Bell, Jeanne Bell, and Jeanie Bell)
played "Sugar Jean Bell"
"Marry Me, Shorty" January 21, 1970

"Shorty Spits the Hook" January 28, 1970
"Three-Day Reprieve" February 4, 1970
"Hotel for Women" February 25, 1970
"Simon Legree Drysdale" March 4, 1970

    She's very pretty and I believe the only black female that was ever in the Beverly Hillbilies television series.  It's interesting how they worked her into the storylines.  She came into the show in Season 8, when the series was becoming more and more topical to match the turbulent times people lived in late 1960s America.  In "Marry Me, Shorty" she played a small part as a harem slave girl.  Drysdale recruited the secretaries to throw a harem-type party for Jed's friend Shorty Kellems.  There are a few references to black slavery and white slavemaster that are a little more risque than one would normally expect of a Hillbillies episode.  Even Jean herself tells Drysdale and the secretaries "I thought slavery had ended".  She also played a slave girl in the episode "Shorty Spits the Hook".  She had a small part in "Three-Day Reprieve" where a black bank guard calls her "Sugar".  Normally, the character went by the name Jean Bell.  Jean's last two appearances really opened up her character.  In "Hotel for Women" we learn she and her family comes from the South.  Incidentally, Jean likes the same kinds of food as the Clampetts.  The running gag of the series is that no one in Beverly Hills could stand Granny's food.  In "Simon Legree Drysdale" Jean really blossoms as she is delighted by everything the Clampetts do.  She WANTS to help them with the chores and make the food, because that is what she liked doing back home.  What's really funny is when Jean sics her two big brothers on Drysdale throughout her episodes.  Even when Drysdale tries to be obliging to Cookie and Earl, something happens that causes a misunderstanding and makes Drysdale appear as a slave-driver.  He just can't get an even break!

    What I liked about her character on the Hillbillies is that she was friendly, outgoing, and really the only attractive female in the series who was completely comfortable when visiting the Clampetts.