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Beauties of the Beverly Hillbillies:
Georgene Barnes

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Georgene Barnes (aka Kay Barnes)
played "Jeanie Rivers"
"The Courtship of Homer Noodleman" December 4, 1968

"The Hot Rod Truck" December 11, 1968
"The Happy Bank" February 26, 1969

    Besides these three episodes of "The Beverly Hillbillies", Ms. Barnes only appeared in one other show, a movie called "Island Woman" (aka "Island Women") from 1958.  In "Island Woman" she was credited as Kay Barnes.  I know next to nothing of Georgene Barnes, and would like to know more.  In "Hillbillies" she played the bubbly, dim-witted blonde stereotype as one of the secretaries at Drysdale's bank.  In the Courtship episode, she fancies movie star Dash Riprock.  In Hot Rod Truck, she fancies Jethro over his fancy cars.  It seems the Jeanie character is fickle, but she's blonde, beautiful, well-dressed, and fun to watch!