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Beauties of the Beverly Hillbillies:
Dannielle Mardi

Dannielle Mardi
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Dannielle Mardi
played "Helen Thompson"
"Midnight Shorty" December 3, 1969

"Shorty Go Home" December 10, 1969
"The Hero" December 17, 1969
"Our Hero the Banker" December 24, 1969
"The Clampett-Hewes Empire" January 7, 1970
"Marry Me, Shorty" January 21, 1970
"Hotel for Women" February 25, 1970
"Simon Legree Drysdale" March 4, 1970
"The Great Revelation" December 1, 1970
"The Grunion Invasion" January 5, 1971
"The Girls From Grun" January 12, 1971
"The Grun Incident" January 19, 1971
"Women's Lib" January 26, 1971
"The Teahouse of Jed Clampett" February 2, 1971
"The Palace of Clampett-San" February 9, 1971
"Lib and Let Lib" February 16, 1971
"Elly, the Working Girl" February 23, 1971

    She's the beautiful blonde Brit who became Miss Hathaway's secretarial second-in-command.  Although that role placement had been done before, Helen Thompson (Mardi's character) earns the distinction of being Jane Hathaway's legitimate sidekick.  They were like Batman and Robin of the secretary set!  Sharon Tate's Janet Trego was a bit distant from Hathaway, and Venita Wolf's Miss Murray showed a definite friendship with Hathaway, but it was Dannielle Mardi as Helen Thompson who really became Miss Hathaway's accomplice...especially in the women's lib episodes.  Her character was important because at this point in the series (near the end of the run, actually) banker Drysdale really became a creep.  He was downright nasty to Jane, and it was important for Jane to have another bank employee to confide in.

    Helen Thompson had a bright, bubbly personality.  The fact that she was English is also distinct for a secretary on "The Beverly Hillbillies".


"Midnight Shorty" December 3, 1969

Dannielle Mardi

"The Hero" and "Our Hero, the Banker" December 17 and 24, 1969

Dannielle Mardi

Danielle Mardi