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Samson Whipple

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About Samson
Samson Stats

About Samson:

    Hello, there!  I am the mighty Samson!  I'm my Daddy's (that's Ryan Whipple) first kitty.  I was adopted on November 12, 2006, the same day Big Guy (that's Blair Whipple) and his Mom adopted Emily.  I was very young at the time, but did I have a rough start!  I had just arrived at the pet store the day before with five brothers and sisters.  I was found in an abandoned house!  I don't remember much from that time, but I assume I ate all kinds of things, even trash, to survive!  The pet store was nice, and being adopted by my Daddy was a real sweet deal!

    I grew up very big, very fast.  Big Guy actually came up with the name of Samson.  It kind of fit me, even when I was tiny.  I really grew into the name, though.  I'm also pretty strong, but I have one weakness.  I have a nervous condition!  So much so, that I have to wear a special calming collar.  It looks cool, though, so I don't mind.

    Daddy's second adopted kitty was Jasmine.  She's my babe!  We love to cuddle and make sounds at each other.  We get along because she's even more nervous than me, although she's improved since her arrival by leaps and bounds.  Big Guy also named Jasmine.  My Daddy, however, named Punkin.  She looks like a Punkin, and we're great playmates, but sometimes she picks on me!  Mama, the mother of Daddy and Big Guy, named Lovey, the fourth cat in Daddy's line-up.  Everyone loves Lovey!  She doesn't do anything bad and loves everybody!

    Well, that's my story!  Hope you like my page!
Samson Stats:

A very stately gray, with an orange tummy.

Full Name- Samson Hercules Whipple.


big, like the rest of me.

Enough for two kitties, but all muscle.


Samson Whipple
May, 2010.  My Clint Eastwood look.  "Go ahead...make my day!"

Samson Whipple
May, 2010.  "Surely you jest."