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Punkin Whipple

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About Punkin
Punkin Stats

About Punkin:

    My daddy is Ryan Whipple, who is the older brother of Big Guy (you call him Blair Whipple).  I'm his third kitty.  Samson was first, then Jasmine.  Lovey came after me.

    I'm the tomboy of the bunch.  I like to play, and I can be as tough as anyone!  I also like to eat.  I might be stocky, but I'm healthy.  Everyone says I'd make a great rollerderby queen!

Punkin Stats:

Color- Orange, like a pumpkin.

Full Name- Punkin Dunkin Whipple.

Light green and wild.


Ladies don't discuss such matters.


Punkin Whipple
May, 2010.

Punkin Whipple
May, 2010.