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Jasmine Whipple

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About Jasmine
Jasmine Stats

About Jasmine:

I'm a very shy girl.  I was my Daddy's second kitty.  His first was Samson.  My Daddy is Ryan Whipple, who happens to be the older brother of Big Guy (Blair Whipple to you).  I also have two step-sisters, Punkin and Lovey.  I got along with Samson right from the start.  He's my handsome beau, and almost as nervous as I am!  I love all my siblings, but Punkin sometimes gets on my nerves.  She plays too rough!

It took me a long time to trust people.  Before I was adopted, I had a traumatic kittyhood experience that left me with a bad feeling about most humans.  Now I absolutely love the loving!  I do still tend to like my own space, but nowadays I make a lot more public appearances.

Jasmine Stats:

Ethnicity-  I'm a Munchkin/Blue Calico mix.

Take your pick.  I've got a bunch of them.

Full Name- Jasmine Constance Whipple.

Green and soulful.


Not as much as it looks.  I'm all fluff.


Jasmine Whipple
May, 2010.

Jasmine Whipple
May, 2010.