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Wende Wagner
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Wende Wagner
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Born: December 6, 1941 in New London, Connecticut, USA
Died: February 26, 1997 in ?
Cause of Death: Cancer

Spouse 1: Courtney Brown (1960-1963?) (divorced) (1 child, daughter Tiffany)
Spouse 2: James Mitchum (?-?) (divorced) (1 child, ?)

Biography & Extra Information
The Green Hornet (1966-1967 TV Series)
Green Hornet Gallery: Wende Wagner as Ms. Lenore "Casey" Case
Rio Conchos (1964 Film)
Wende Wagner Gallery: Magazines
Wende Wagner Gallery: Rio Conchos

Wende Wagner was her real name.  You may notice that she doesn't look completely Caucasian.  Her exotic looks are due to a blending of French, German, and Native American heritage.  She was always very athletic; a trait inherited from her parents.  Wende's father was a former Olympic swimming/diving coach who turned Naval Commander.  Her mother was a champion downhill skier.  Wende entered the entertainment industry as a model.  Her TV debut came with a 1959 episode of "Wagon Train".  Wende's personality was more of a free spirit.  She preferred things like surfing and travelling the world over maintaining a steady career.  Fortunately for her, she was able to combine work and play in 1959 when she became a female stunt double for Lloyd Bridges on TVs "Sea Hunt" as well as the series "The Aquanauts".  This work took her to tropical places, and Ms. Wagner maintained her stuntwork in movies like "September Storm" (1960).

    It was on the set of "September Storm" that she met fellow stunt diver and future husband Courtney Brown.  He was star Mark Stevens' stunt double in that film.  Brown and Wagner eventually divorced, but not before having daughter Tiffany.  While married, Wende and family had based their lives in the Bahamas where most of the filming occurred.

    After the divorce, Wende moved back to Hollywood.  She got the part of an Indian girl in the 1964 movie "Rio Conchos".  A few years later she married actor Robert Mitchum's oldest son James, but this union also ended in divorce.

    In 1966 Wende landed the part that most people fondly remember her for to this day, as secretary Casey in "The Green Hornet".  The show lasted only one season, ending in 1967.  Of the 26 episodes made, she was spotlighted in several, but usually had bit parts.  Her looks and charm, though, made her a memorable character...and she certainly had a likeable personality.  After "Hornet", Wende did a few more TV appearances and movies until late 1973.  Sadly, Wende died at the too-soon-age of 55 on February 26, 1997 of cancer.

Extra Information:

Height:  5' 6"

Measurements:  36-22-35 (according to Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Spouses:  Courtney Brown (1960-1963?) (divorced) 1 child, daughter Tiffany
James Mitchum (?-?) (divorced) 1 child, ?

Miscellaneous #1:  Was a very close friend of actress Sharon Tate.

Miscellaneous #2:  She used to have an official website at www.wendewagner.org, but sadly it no longer exists.  I am not sure why it was discontinued, but am fairly certain it remained online as recently as 2003.

The Green Hornet (1966-1967 TV Series):  Wende Wagner as Ms. Lenore "Casey" Case was a big part of the show's appeal.  She wasn't used a whole lot, but when she was she really sparkled.  A lot of people complain about the fact that she was sparsely used.  True, you do always want to see more of her because she's a good character.  However, Casey WAS just a secretary.  We only saw her as much as we did because she knew Britt Reid was the Green Hornet and acted as his confidant and ally in fighting crime.  Most secretary roles, especially in the 1960s, were nowhere near as distinguished as Casey's importance to "The Green Hornet".  And it's also interesting that we see as much of her as we do, because she was not really a love interest for the hero...just a friend.  I think all of Wagner's airtime on the show was well-deserved and she could've been worked in more often, but I also think that she was shown enough to give us a good idea of the importance of her character.  I watch these shows and enjoy her, and I don't feel cheated.  She did all she could do...and she did great!