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Susy Andersen
Also credited as "Suzy Andersen" and "Suzy Andersson"

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Birthname:  Marie Antoinette Golgi
Born:  April 20, 1940 in Pola, Croatia
Died: ?
Cause of Death: ?

Spouse #1: ?


Biography:  If you know anything about Susy Andersen, please CONTACT ME.  Although she had a relatively short career in films from 1963-1969, Susy Andersen starred in a great number of projects and has a faithful legion of admirers.  I first saw her in "Thor and the Amazon Women" (1963), which also happened to be her film debut.  I was smitten from the first shot of her onscreen.  She is absolutely beautiful, and played a great heroine in that movie.  The tall, shapely blonde is quite a sight.  I'm greatly curious as to why she didn't work after 1969.  Did she leave acting on her own merit, did work dry up, or what?  In any case, it's an absolute shame.

    Her most well-known films, today, are "Thor and the Amazon Women", "Black Sabbath", "Labyrinth of Sex", and "Gangster's Law".


Thor and the Amazon Women (1963) [as Tamar]
Black Sabbath (1963) [as Sdenka] [this is the Boris Karloff movie where the music group Black Sabbath took its name]
Rome Against Rome (1964) [as Tullia]
Two Violent Men (1964) [as Mary Sheridan]
The Magnificent Cuckold (1964) [as Wanda Mariotti]
La belle famiglie (1964) [as Carla]
The Gentlemen (1965) [as Eveline]
Killers are Challenged (1966) [as Velka]
Fifteen Scaffolds for the Killer (1968) [as Barbara]
Baby Doll (1968) [as Silvia]
Labyrinth of Sex (1969)
Gangster's Law (1969) [as Mayde]