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Stanley Brown
Is also known to have been credited in films as "Brad Taylor".

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Birth Name:  ?
Born:  August 18, 1914

Died:  September 29, 2001 in West Los Angeles, California, USA
Cause of Death:  Natural Causes

Biography:  Not much is known about the Blondie movies' first "Ollie Shaw".  He was in a total of 7 Blondie movies, six of which he played "Ollie Shaw".  His first appearance in the series was in #1 Blondie as "S.W. Carey Salesman".  There were other actors to continue the role after he left the series in 1943, the most notable would be Jack Rice.  Stanley Brown was a good looking, regular guy.  In other words, he didn't really stand out like Rice would with his slick-backed hair, glasses, and thin mustache.  Plus, Rice wasn't as attractive so he stuck out more like a sore thumb than Brown.  Ultimately, the character of "Ollie Shaw" would be given a lot more depth and importance with Rice.  Stanley was very funny in the movies, however, and you begin to see Ollie's prankster, womanizing, personality traits.  Brown appeared in #1 Blondie, #2 Blondie Meets the Boss, #4 Blondie Brings Up Baby, #7 Blondie Plays Cupid, #9 Blondie In Society, #11 Blondie's Blessed Event, and #14 Footlight Glamour.
    Brown left the series in 1943 and for some reason, starting in 1944, he was credited in films as "Brad Taylor" if he was even credited at all.  Most of his later parts were smaller and weren't credited in films.  He had a good long life, finally dying at the age of 87 in 2001.

Stanley Brown
Stanley Brown in "Blondie Meets the Boss" (1939)