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Sirry Steffen

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May 29, 1938 in Iceland
Cause of Death:

Spouse #1:


Biography: My biography on her is vague.  If you know anything, please CONTACT MEHer most popular accomplishment is being the first "Beverly Hillbillies Beauty" (after Elly May) for three episodes.  Before the "Beverly Hillbillies" she was in an episode of the detective series "Michael Shayne" as Miss Iceland in 1960.  Also in the same year as her "Hillbillies" appearances she was in a movie called "Hitler".  I'm assuming this was filmed before the "Hillbillies" shows.  She then did a movie in 1963 called "The Crawling Hand" and one in 1964 called "Bedtime Story".  It seems she dropped out of acting altogether until an appearance in a 1982 film from Iceland called "Okkar a milli" which was a documentary on midlife crises.