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Sandra Knight

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Born: January 1, 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Spouse 1: Jack Nicholson (June 17, 1962-August 8, 1968) [divorced] [1 child- Jennifer Nicholson; b. 1963]
Spouse 2: John Stephenson (?-present)


Biography:  Sandra Knight met now-legendary Jack Nicholson in Martin Landau's acting class when they were both a couple of "unknowns".  Her acting career took off a bit earlier than Jack's.  She starred in a number of popular TV shows and movies.  In 1963, she and husband Jack Nicholson starred as the leads in the horror flick, "The Terror".  That film is probably her best-loved work, although she does have a number of other great roles to her credit.

    Incidentally, Sandra was pregnant during filming of "The Terror".  In 1963, she and Jack Nicholson had daughter Jennifer.  Jennifer went on to do some acting as an adult, but not as much as either of her parents.  By 1966, the bulk of Sandra Knight's acting career was done.  She had a few roles in the 1990s, but has mostly concentrated on her artwork.  Sandra started painting in the 60s as more of a hobby, but it became a life-long passion.

    Knight and Nicholson divorced in 1968.  Nicholson finally saw his big break in 1969 with the iconic film, "Easy Rider" and continues to be a major film star.  Knight later remarried and relocated to Hawaii.  Both she and second husband, John Stephenson, are deeply spiritual.  In the 1980s, the happy couple started a production company called Synergy Productions.  Also in that decade, Knight started writing screenplays.  She has been serving on the Board of Directors for HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival) for many years.  She has also served with the Contemporary Museum of Hollywood and the Honolulu Symphony.  Sandra Knight has done a lot to bring culture and a dash of that "Hollywood feel" to Hawaii.

Filmography:  Coming soon!