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Sallie Janes

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Biography:   I'm looking for biography information on Sallie Janes.  As far as I know, she was mostly credited in shows as Sallie Jones or Sally Jones.  If you know anything, please CONTACT ME.  She is definitely an actress who should have done more.  She has a total of six television guest appearances to her credit and a regular role on one other series.  That's it.

    I'd like to know what she's been doing since that time.  She was in TV from 1961 to 1964, then returned in 1976 as a regular for a TV series that only lasted for four episodes and was called "The Late Summer Early Fall Bert Convy Show".  Before her "Beverly Hillbillies" stint she had an appearance in the "Top Cat" cartoon (1961), "Surfside 6" (1962), and "The Dick Van Dyke Show" (1963).  Her three "Hillbillies" shows were the last things she did for 12 years!  And since 1976 she hasn't been back.  It's a shame.