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Rebecca Staab

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Birthname: Rebecca Ann Staab
July 27, 1961 in Hays, Kansas, USA.
Cause of Death:

Spouse #1:


BiographyShe has been working in films and television (mostly television) fairly steady since 1985.  She seems to get a lot of drama/soap opera parts.  One of my favorite things she's done is an appearance on the superhero TV show "Nightman" (1998) where she played a really, really mean woman who was Nightman/Johnny Domino's nemesis.  This character is interesting, because it is a complete opposite to her Susan Storm character.  Before becoming an actress, she was a model for the famous Ford Modeling Agency.  Before that, she was Miss Nebraska (Miss USA pageant) in 1980.  And besides those things, she's some kind of superwoman in real life, too!  Special skills include scuba diving (certified), horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, marathon running, all dance, and she speaks fluent French.