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Raymond Allen

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Cause of Death:

Spouse 1:

Sanford & Son (1972-1977 TV Series)


Filmography: In progress.


Sanford & Son (1972-1977 TV Series):

Raymond Allen Raymond Allen
Uncle Woody in "Fred Sings the Blues".

Sanford & Son (1972-1977 TV Series):

Uncle Woodrow "Woody" Anderson #2-  There were two actors to play Woody in the series, but the one we usually associate with the character is actor Raymond Allen.  I don't know anything about his biographical information.  If you know anything about actors DeForest Covan (Uncle Woody #1) or Raymond Allen, please CONTACT ME.  Allen's Uncle Woody is smaller than Esther, which makes him visually funny.  He is also an alcoholic.  Unlike Covan's Uncle Woody, Allen's Woody is always very meek.  He never steps out of line unless Esther really, really gets on his nerves.  Here is an episode filmography for Mr. Allen as Uncle Woody:

  1. Aunt Esther and Uncle Woodrow Pfftt... (8 March 1974) - Uncle Woodrow 'Woody' Anderson 
  2. Divorce, Sanford Style (19 September 1975) - Uncle Woodrow 'Woody' Anderson 
  3. My Fair Esther (14 November 1975) - Uncle Woodrow 'Woody' Anderson 
  4. The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice (20 February 1976) - Uncle Woodrow 'Woody' Anderson 
  5. Aunt Esther Has a Baby (3 December 1976) - Uncle Woodrow 'Woody' Anderson 
  6. Aunt Esther Meets Her Son (10 December 1976) - Uncle Woodrow 'Woody' Anderson 
  7. The Will (18 February 1977) - Uncle Woodrow 'Woody' Anderson 
  8. Fred Sings the Blues (18 March 1977) - Uncle Woodrow 'Woody' Anderson