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Midge Ware

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BiographyHer last feature film appearance was in 1968 with "Faces" and her last television appearance was on December 3, 1980 in an episode of the television series "Quincy".  According to brother Steve Bendelson, she is now married to Edward Colton (2005).

Steve Bendelson- December 3, 2005:

    You asked for info on Midge Ware, the actress who appeared in a couple of episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies.  She also appeared regularly as the lady settler on "The Gunslinger" and many other TV shows.  She appeared on over 100 magazine covers including being the first woman to appear on Esquire magazine.  She was also the first Miss No-Cal (dietetic soft drink) (chosen out of 5,000 young women in the early 1950s) and appearing on billboards and signs all over the country.

    She was also the Aqua Velva girl and a Revlon Girl and a Tarreyton Girl. 

    She was a guest hostess on "Truth or Consequences" among other shows.

    There's much more to share, but she still remains an incredible beauty to this day.  She is truly blessed with being as beautiful inside as she is without.

    I should know of what I speak.  I am one of her twin brothers.


Steve Bendelson

Steve Bendelson- December 7, 2005:

Dear Blair...
    Thanks so much for your interest in Midge... I checked out the page; it's really neat...
    As I said there's much more to Midge's career than what you have indicated.   You know she was a featured actress both on & off Broadway.  For instance, in the early 1950's (1953?) she had a featured role in the Broadway hit "The Fifth Season", about the fashion industry playing a model.  She also starred in the L.A. production of "Two for the Road".  I also remember seeing her do Shakespeare off Broadway.   But I was only a kid and a lot of what Midge did in the early years escapes me.  (Midge is 21 years older than her twin brothers......but when we got to adult age.....she looked the same age we did!!!  Frequently if I went out with Midge, people would take us for husband and wife!!   I even had one of my close friends ask me how much younger was Midge than my brother and myself!  And he wasn't kidding.)
    I told Midge of your interest and she said you could contact her directly.  Although she has a PC, I believe the best way is via the mail:
[I hope everyone out there understands that for privacy reasons, I cannot give Midge Ware's address as was told me.]
Thanks again for your interest in Midge (my favorite--and only--sister!),


C. Robert Rotter (webmaster of Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen), January 31, 2006:

    In the early 60s she married TV bit player Arthur Batanides (a one-time "Star Trek" guest star) and they had at least one child. Very interesting to learn from your site that she's still alive...