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Michael Bailey-Smith

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Biography: I'm not sure of the date Michael was born.  He and his four younger sisters and one younger brother grew up as Air Force brats, moving around the U.S. and the world.  He's got quite a childhood story, which you can read about more at the OFFICIAL MICHAEL-BAILEY SMITH WEBSITE.  To be brief, he was a skinny kid who started to bulk up during his junior and senior years of high school in Tehran, Iran.  He went on to the Army where he became a paratrooper for three years in the well-respected and elite 82nd Airborne Division.  After the Army, he went to Eastern Michigan University where he joined the football team as an offensive guard, then offensive tackle.  He kept building his body bigger and bigger.  Had a chance with the pro-football Dallas Cowboys team, but couldn't take it do to a re-injured knee, so he went back to college and got his degree.  Michael ultimately came to Hollywood with the acting bug and got his first really notable role as Super Freddy Kruger in "Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5".  He's been getting parts and kicking a** ever since, and is always looking to do more.  Michael certainly works hard, and has the talent and charm you'd expect of a great Hollywood tough guy.  If you're a fan or a casting director, check out Michael's official website by CLICKING HERE.  He's a cool guy (I've e-mailed him and received a response) and worth a look-over.

Filmography: In progress.


Michael Bailey-Smith Michael Bailey-Smith

Michael Bailey-Smith

Michael Bailey-Smith

These pics all come from Michael's official website.  The first three are representative of what he looked like as Ben Grimm in "The Fantastic Four" (1993).