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Marina Ghane

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Born: ?
Died: ?
Cause of Death: ?

Spouse 1: ?

Photos: The Green Hornet "The Beautiful Dreamer Part 1"


Filmography:  In progress.


The Green Hornet (1966-1967 TV Series): Episodes #7 "The Beautiful Dreamer Part 1"

    It's uncertain whether she is a good girl or a bad girl.  Helga is just a walk-on character that you see only briefly and she doesn't have much dialogue, but MAN is she interesting!  Marina Ghane is HOT in her skintight tangerine lycra.  The most famous role she had was that of Maria in the popular John Wayne movie "El Dorado" of 1966.  In this episode of the Green Hornet, a man who ran a health spa was using mind control to manipulate respectable citizens into committing crimes.  Whether Helga really knew what was going on or not was never made clear, but she did work for him.  How come it is that whenever a man thinks of a woman named Helga we either think of a woman who's REALLY hot or really heavy?  This Helga is definitely on the "way attractive" end of that spectrum.  I would like to know more about Marina Ghane so I can post a biography on this page.  If you know anything, please CONTACT ME!  Here are some pictures.

Marina Ghane Marina Ghane
Marina Ghane Marina Ghane
Marina Ghane