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Margaret Lee

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Birth Name: Margaret Gwendolyn Box
Born: August 4, 1943 in Wolverhampton, England, UK.

Spouse #1: Gino Malerba (?-?) [divorced; 2 children]
Height: 5' 6"


Biography:  Margaret Lee is an interesting actress.  She was born in England, but pretty much infused herself in Italy.  She was educated at the Italia Conti Theatre School in London, and became fluent in both English and Italian languages.

    Lee was a busy actress from 1962-1985.  She was a great-looking actress, with talent, and had no trouble finding work.  But it wasn't really so much her looks or talent that gave her a faithful following; she was just in a lot of stuff that people liked to see.  Margaret Lee was in just about every style of Italian-made movie that was trendy at the time.  These movies were also released in America, which helped to give her a strong fan base.  One of her earliest movies (her second) was "Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules" (1962), playing the part of Moah.  Besides sword-and-sandal films, Margaret Lee was a staple of spy films and horror films.

    From 1966-onward, Lee dubbed most of her own films in English thanks to her bilingual talent.  She married, and later divorced, a choreographer named Gino Malerba.  Two children came from that union.  Her sons Roberto Malerba and Damian Anderson also entered show business, but have typically worked on the production end.

Filmography:  COMING SOON!