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Lorena Valezquez

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Born: December 15, 1937 in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Biography Lorena has proven herself to be a very popular actress in her native Mexico and has boasted quite an impressive list of credits.  She was born Maria de la Concepcion Lorena Villar Donde on December 15, 1937 in Mexico City.  She made her film debut at 21 in 1955 as a waitress in "Caras nuevas", but quickly took on more interesting parts.   She competed in Miss Mexico in 1958 and placed second.  Second?  It's hard to believe she wasn't first!  She DID win the competition in 1960, but refused to represent Mexico in the Miss Universe pageant.

Her beauty queen career was a big influence on the kinds of roles she was given.  Lorena played hot women wrestlers, alluring cowgirls, tempting space-women, and even a sultry vampire!  She mainly did films until the 1970s, then made the transition to TV.  Since then, she's gone back and forth from big to little screen.  Her father, Victor Velazquez, and younger sister Teresa Velasquez are also very successful actors.

Zorina: Queen of the Vampires was her breakthrough role in 1961's "El santo contra las mujures vampiros" (Samson vs. the Vampire Women) and instantly brought her cult icon status.  In 1962, she starred as Mexico's champion lady wrestler Gloria Venus in the first Luchadoras (Women Wrestlers) film.  She starred in the first three of the four original Luchadoras movies.  Elizabeth Campbell was the sole wrestler in the final installment from 1966.  Another internationally popular role for Lorena was in 1966's "El planeta de las mujeres invasoras" (Planet of the Women Invaders) where she played a duo role as an evil queen and a good sister.  That film was actually the subject of celebration at a film convention held in San Diego, California early March, 2008.  Lorena made an appearance and still looked great!

She has been married/divorced twice.  First to Robert Taylor Morris and then to Eduardo Novoa.  The years are not known to me at this time.

Filmography: In progress.