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Lola Albright

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July 20, 1925 in Akron, Ohio, USA
Cause of Death:

Spouse #1:  ?  (1944-1949)
Spouse #2:  Jack Carson (1952-1958) (divorced)
Spouse #3:  Bill Chadney (May 20, 1961-1975) (divorced)


BiographyShe got her start in show business working and later modeling for a radio station in Akron, Ohio.  Lola moved to Hollywood during the mid-1940s.  She soon earned a respected reputation of being one of the most stylish, sultry, and beautiful actresses in Hollywood.  In 1949 she starred with Kirk Douglas in the hit movie "Champion".  Perhaps her most famous role, though, was that which lasted from 1958-1961 on the popular TV series "Peter Gunn".  She played nightclub singer Edie Hart who has also private detective Gunn's love interest.  Her singing on the show was so well-received that it inspired two record albums, "Lola Wants You", and "Dreamsville".  Later, in 1965, she played Constance McKenzie as a temporary replacement for Dorothy Malone in "Peyton Place" when that actress became ill and could no longer play the role.  Besides these, she has a great many credits in film and television to her name.